CSIT Targeted Educational Attainment (TEAm) Grant Award

As part of an ambitious campaign to align university and college degrees with the state’s workforce needs, Florida’s Board of Governors created a newly formed consortium among the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and Florida International University, referred to as CSIT (UCF-USF-FITEAm), called the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities.

The Targeted Educational Attainment (TEAm) grant initiatives are to improve graduation rates, enhance targeted academic support and expand career readiness programs in the tech fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Studies, Information Technology, and Management Information Systems in response to Florida’s high tech workforce needs as identified by a Board of Governors gap analysis.

The universities, located in Florida’s three largest metropolitan areas, currently produce nearly half of the baccalaureate degrees awarded by Florida’s state universities and serve 70% of Florida’s ethnic and racial minority populations.

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Through this consortium, the universities will offer cutting edge online learning opportunities, share best practices, policies and programs that provide maximized career-readiness, target support through mentors and advisers, provide strengthened partnerships with Florida companies for internship and practicum opportunities, and promote transparency in job mobility and full time employment opportunities throughout Florida.

The universities will also explore ways to maximize efficiencies by sharing software programs and student tracking systems to continue upward trends in student retention, completion and career placement.

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